The Problem You Didn’t Know About

The trash can may very well be the most utilized yet underappreciated aspect of your home. Think about it: day in and day out, you rely on your garbage bin to safely and securely house your rubbish until it’s ready to be hauled off by your local disposal company. It’s a reliable workhorse, always there for you when you need it and it does the job perfectly every single time.

Yet, something as “lowly” as a trash can gets little, if any, respect from those that use it. How can this be?

For one, people just don’t realize how valuable garbage cans really are in the sense that they’re one of the most practical items in your home. Another problem with garbage bins that people don’t pay any mind to is the fact that they’re inherently...unsightly. As much as we love you for your utility, dear trash receptacles, the ugly truth is just that: you’re ugly.

Trash Can Aesthetics

That’s a harsh statement, but it doesn’t change the fact that the fading black plastic on the exterior of your Rubbermaid bin could use some sprucing up. Actually, when you look closely and notice last year’s Thanksgiving leftovers along the rim, it’s time to accept the fact that your garbage can needs a complete makeover. Fortunately, that’s literally all that we do here at Garbage Pantz®.

That Sounds Great, But What On Earth Are Garbage Pantz?

We were hoping that you would ask! Garbage Pantz are an easy and effective way to immediately beautify your existing indoor or outdoor garbage can. We sell unique garbage can covers that are flexible, made with spandex, machine washable, and weather-resistant. Best of all, our pantz are printed with vibrant colors that don’t just stand the test of time, but they’ll also turn heads and make your home the coolest house on the block by a laughable margin.

Simply put, Garbage Pantz are exactly what they sound like — pants for your garbage can!

Do The Looks of My Garbage Can Really Matter?

You might be thinking to yourself, “This ad copy is enticing, but I only think of my trash cans as a practical way to store garbage before it’s hauled off and nothing else. Why should I make my trash cans pretty?” We appreciate your critical thinking, and we’ve fielded this question a number of times before.

The truth is, your home doesn’t need a trash can cover any more than it needs wall art, a flower vase, or a decorative rug. These items are purely for aesthetics, and if we’re applying the same logic to half of the items you’d buy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, then your trash can is 100 percent worth dressing up.

What Styles of Trash Can Covers Can I Find?

We offer more than just everyday covers for trash cans. Our seasonal and holiday can covers are a great way to incite jealousy in your festive neighbors (just look at how incredible our Santa Pantz are), and our party can covers are always a hit! 

The Garbage Pantz collection also features:

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Life is too short to look at an ugly, naked garbage can. Show your home that you care and beauty your trash receptacle with our trash can covers today!

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