Preparing For The Holidays With Our Fun And Festive Trash Can Covers

If you’re a nut about the holidays, you’re in the right place. If you’re just bent on going all-out with decorations this Thanksgiving and holiday season because you’re trying to prove a point to your stubborn friend, well, you’re also in the right place. After all, we sell covers for trash cans which means that you’re going to fairly extensive measures just to deck the halls.

We’re now past Halloween, and though we’re sure that your Scaredy Pantz did a great job providing a spooky trash experience, it’s now time to move on and think about the upcoming holidays. No, we don’t mean the cringeworthy battleground that is having a political conversation during Thanksgiving dessert with your “mildly” intoxicated uncle. We mean donning your decorative thinking cap and getting creative with holiday decorations.

Decorating Can Be Easy. Get Ready With Our Holiday-Themed Trash Can Covers!

As you struggle to sweep up your rotting jack-o-lanterns out front, we wanted to help you make this decorative transition a breeze. That’s why Garbage Pantz®, the only true source for decorative trash can covers, offers a brief recap of our frequently asked questions.

Questions? We’re the only ones credible enough to discuss matters related to decorative trash can covers. Contact us here!

What If My Decorative Trash Can Cover Doesn’t Fit?

Don’t worry! Due to the stretchy and durable materials used in Garbage Pantz, they’ll easily fit just about any size garbage receptacle from indoor ones to outdoor ones.

My Trash Can Sits Outside. What About The Elements?

No worries, crazy holiday person. Garbage Pantz are not only machine washable (!), but they’re also made from water-resistant materials. We can’t promise that they’ll withstand a category 4 hurricane, but if that’s your situation, then you probably have more important things to worry about.

How Do I Even Put On My Garbage Pantz?

Due to the stylish nature of our covers for trash cans, it may be tempting to start taking off your own pants and replace them with, say, our Santa Pantz — but stop right there. These are decorative trash can covers, and while they’re meant for, well, trash cans, they’re also quite easy to put on.

Simply turn your can (ahem, trash can) upside down, slide on your chosen pair of Garbage Pantz, and flip your receptacle right side up. Boom! You’re good to now be the envy of your holiday-obsessed neighbors.

What If I Want Multiple Pantz?

If just one trash can cover is practically a decorative insult, we understand where you’re coming from. That’s why Garbage Pantz offers bundling options that provide you with more pantz for less money. That’s the American way!

Happy Holidays From Garbage Pantz!

Your trash cans would thank you if they could talk (and if they were sentient, you’d probably be quite freaked out). Life is too short for boring and gross garbage cans; don’t let a lack of festive curb appeal net you second place in your arbitrary neighborhood holiday decorating contest. Shop our holiday collection of trash can covers today! You won’t regret it.

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