Breathe Some Life Into Your Holiday Decorations With Our Festive Trash Can Covers

Drive around a residential neighborhood. What are you likely to see? The answer is a bunch of standard Christmas trees in the window, with lights on the outside of people’s homes, and then the occasional inflatable snowman or mechanical Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in the front yard.

Do these holiday decorations look nice? Of course they do. Are they generic, stale, and reminiscent of last year’s holiday decor? Heck, you could take a picture of Jerry’s front yard year after year and it would look exactly the same.

It’s about time that someone shook up the holiday decorating game. With our decorative trash can covers for sale here at Garbage Pantz®, we’ve done just that.

Trash Can Decorations Made Easy Thanks To Garbage Pantz®

Why not go where any self-respecting homeowner has gone before in your neighborhood by decorating your indoor and outdoor trash cans? Waste bins might contain trash, but that doesn’t mean they have to look trashy. With the help of our covers for garbage cans, you’ll be able to instantly transform the look of your garbage receptacles from yucky and unattractive to uber-festive in a matter of seconds! Just look at how cute our Rudy Pantz are.

Unconventional Holiday Decorating Ideas

Though beautifying your trash cans with our products is no doubt pushing the decorative envelope, let’s take a brief look at a few other “alternative” decorating ideas.

Put A Small Tree Outside Of Your Home

You’ll want to leave your real tree indoors, but there’s nothing wrong with spreading additional holiday cheer to your neighbors with a smaller tree on your front porch. Just make sure to leave the real gifts inside!

Print Out A Cut-Out Of Tim Allen’s Face (Circa The Santa Clause)

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” and “I have a stellar taste in holiday flicks” quite like Tim Allen’s friendly face taped to your front door. You might as well follow up with Kevin McCallister from Home Alone on your mailbox, too. That’ll be sure to brighten your mailman’s day, and not have them collapse in a sudden heart attack.

Build Santa’s Workshop In Your Front Yard

If you’re living somewhere that’s received a ludicrous and unnecessary amount of snow in December, why not use it to your festive advantage by building a snow fort and sticking a sign in it that says “Santa’s Workshop?” You don’t even have to call it that; all we’re saying is to take advantage of the excessive snowfall and put the kids to work by building something special in your yard. Bonus points if your snow fort has a network of tunnels!

Spread Holiday Cheer With Garbage Pantz®

To spread your love of holiday cheer far wide and near, have no fear — Garbage Pantz® are here! Our decorative trash can covers for sale are machine washable, stretchy, and even come with an area to write your address on them. Really, what more could you ask for?

For an elegant touch of class combined with true festive innovation, shop our holiday collection of trash can covers online today here at Garbage Pantz®. From our team to your family, we wish you a warm, safe, and fabulous holiday season!

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