A Look at Our Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Trash Can Covers

We’re not ones to discourage festive decorations from January-September, but there’s a magical, somewhat ineffable quality to the holiday season that compels us to decorate our homes more than usual. Maybe it’s the cold, short and dark days that keep us inside or maybe it’s because we had one too many eggnogs. In any case, there’s no doubt that people love to celebrate the turning of autumn to full-blown winter with some tasteful decor.

At Garbage Pantz®, we’re excited to introduce our seasonal and holiday line of trash can covers that are sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Why? Find out more by reading below!

The Practical and Fun Way to Celebrate the Holidays

You probably didn’t give your garbage can’s aesthetic much thought. In fact, decorating your trash can probably didn’t come to mind at all when you thought about standard holiday decorations.

Here’s the thing: our decorative covers for trash cans are anything but a standard decoration. Heck, once you slap one of these bad boys on your trash can, you’ll practically have a piece of rolling art that makes the grimy look of your garbage bin a thing of the past. Here’s why.

Festive Curb Appeal

We know that you’re probably in a passive-aggressive (but probably more aggressive) decoration war with your neighbors like you’re straight out of a Christmas movie special. Hey, we sell garbage can covers, so there’s no judgement here!

Unless the folks on your block are in the know about our holiday pantz, then we doubt they’re rocking a decorative element on their garbage bins. A simple red ribbon on your trash can? Psh! Take your festive insult elsewhere, Jerry.

There’s a Holiday-Themed Trash Can Cover For You

When we say “holiday line,” we’d be lying if we only offered one pantz option for you. That would be quite a sparse wardrobe!

Fortunately, we offer multiple holiday-themed pants for different times of the year:

Scaredy Pantz

Spook it up during Halloween and send the trash guys running down the street in a flash of terror (don’t worry, our Scaredy Pantz aren’t that scary...unless you’re a scaredy pants).

Rudy Pantz

Is that the one and only Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? It is, and he’s making a never-before-seen appearance on your trash can!

Santa Pantz

Santa Claus came to town, but he enjoyed your trash can so much that it’s now his home.

Festive Indoor Kitchen Pantz

Your smaller, indoor trash can should be able to get in on the fun, too!

Patriotic Pantz

We salute our fellow patriots and those who take pride in being an American.

Bunny Pantz

Celebrate spring — and Easter — in style with this cute trash can cover.

Froggy Pantz

With a “Welcome To Our Pad” greeting, you know that this one is a springtime winner!

Hawaiian Pantz

Vibe out in style during the summer or an ahola-style party. Highly recommended for beachfront properties!

Get Your Indoor or Outdoor Garbage Can Covers Through Garbage Pantz today!

Set a trashy trend in your neighborhood this holiday season or anytime of the year thanks to our everyday pantz collection. Machine washable, weather-resistant and flexible for ease of application, you can’t go wrong with Garbage Pantz®. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

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